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    Yes Victoria's recent October 15 mandate is going to start being felt over the next weeks. Combined with all the others already pulled out of work and looking at their opportunities. A lot of our food is also being exported to other countries that are in "higher need" which makes me believe this upcoming grocery situation is being "helped along" by those at the top.

    I happened by a Woolworths today to pick up some extra items and it was the busiest I have seen it since the week before toilet paper ran out last year. People stocking their trollies full, some with more than one. 9am on a Sunday. Only a couple areas were near empty though that I noticed, long life milk, rice and some canned goods. Plenty of toilet paper and pasta for now.

    Good times ahead for those already prepared and we get to see silver rise over the coming weeks as the panic buying ensues and blame game begins again.

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