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    FYI For those who might be thinking about dipping their toes into the water and purchasing physical silver, but are confused about secure storage.

    Did you realise that you can
    • Purchase physical
    • Store it at your home (in a safe, disguise it, hide it or bury it)
    • Insure it through your normal home contents policy
    • eg in NSW, my standard NRMA policy includes $2,500 bullion cover, but you can pay (approx) an additional $18 in your premium per year for each additional $10,000 of bullion. This is approximately 0.18% p.a. cost
    • Compare this to storage at say Perth Mint where the Allocated silver storage cost is 1.9% p.a
    • Obviously if the price of silver starts to rocket, you would need to increase your premium to cover the new value, but to me it certainly seems quite a practical option.
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