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    We all have our reasons for buying precious metals and each to their own be it for wealth preservation , a quick flip , shtf protection or something to leave the grand kids for a leg up in life .
    I am personally not on board with this recent trend of people piling a huge amount of cash into 1 bar of silver just to give the F you to the crimex cartel . I have no doubt intensions are honorable but from a personnel investing perspective you are locking a lot of capital into 1 transaction .
    I have always been an advocate for smaller sized bars and coins as they give you more flexibility in a liquidation or trade scenario . The pros of such a large bar are really only limited to low premiums . I am not sure but if some of you have these bars vaulted away in your SMSF it may be 20 or 30 years before you can cash them in when you retire unless you have converted them to another asset class. If silver reaches $US100 an ounce and you need to sell , that is a 100k transaction which raises red flags with our greedy governments that need to recoup frivolous spending and mismanagement. There are already murmurings from the left side of politics about taxes on large super payouts in the future .
    Most of us here who visit this forum are fully aware of the benefits of smaller sized bars and coins and i fully understand the frustration of people trying to accumulate precious metals right now with these ridiculous premiums but it is supply and demand so patience and look for good deals , the Perth Mint are not the only ones that sell silver.
    In the past i often spoke of thinking outside the box when purchasing precious metals , old coinage , sterling silver dinnerware and jewelry , it was only a couple of years ago that you could buy as many 1966 50c coins as wished for $6 aussie and pre decimal and foreign coins for under spot . If you see something that is around spot or just over , buy it whether it be an ounce or a kilo but accumulate now and in the future it is easy to sell in the amounts you wish to sell .
    Maybe something for those of you looking for some value , your standard bullion coins like kangaroos , maples , eagles are selling around the $40 plus mark right now and are a little scary with those high premiums but there are quite a few proof and limited edition coins on the market , for those that like collecting i picked up a 2oz proof kookaburra boxed for $100 recently , it has numismatic value .
    Good luck in storing your wealth and do what you think is right for you .

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