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    Bruthers, remember this.
    Apache did not just decide to drill these random wildcat wells because they purely wanted to roll the dice on some outfield tenements. It is the first step in courting Buru, or as i perceive it, foreplay. However, we can now refer to them as the consortium in the interim period. I believe a big part of the attraction to buy Apaches assets, is linked to the foreplay Apache started. Ultimately the prize is the Ungani oil trend, and liquids from wet gas. To gain access to these resources, there has to be gestures of goodwill and a committment evident that the consortium is willing to work with Buru with a long-term vision.
    It seems Apache recognised Burus onshore provence as one of their Regional strategies for growth and longterm profit, as their current Gas sales are nowhere near as profitable as their Liquids sales. Whether the consortium continues with this strategy is yet to play out, but i can see why they would.
    So dont get bogged down in this well too much, just remind yourselves that Buru is hard at work creating value.
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