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    Have mentioned this before, (synergies) however interesting to note that:

    Gregory Rooke, Non-executive Director, Customers, is also Non-executive Director, FCPB Investments.

    Dean Matthews, Managing Director, FCPB Investments, is also a director, Oncard.

    All nicely tied up.

    Greg Rookes FCP address released today talks about the China All Payments Company, the ONCard payments switching JV with CHIBO, (effectively the Chinese Central Bank and 3 largest banks,) and devloping ATM/EFTPOS and E-payment opportunities in China.

    Perhaps this was the reason other than governance issues, that Customers bailed out of Fintronics? Would it also not be too a long a bow to suggest that FCPB Investments will be the buyer of the forecast customers asset sales?
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