the big sting

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    Gillard, as I have said elsewhere, is to announce the beginning of the end for Australia.

    Witholding, quite deliberately, this new Tax detail from Parliamentary/Opposition/public scrutiny for the next five or so weeks, she and her Leftist media mates will be on the hard sell. At the end she'll look like Joan of Arc! She hopes. Just what IS her image of herself??

    Much worse than the Whitlam Goverment, this woman should be ousted before she does more damage. But how? This is the worst Federal Government EVER in Austalia history. Yet the public are bound and gagged - and can do nothing??

    The Governor General was a Rudd appointee. She is also Bill Shorten's mother-in-law. One must hope she could come through with support of any public petition? Or concerted official public protest.

    If Gillard does feel so self-righteous and God-appointed (as a super-arrogant speech of hers this am indicated) and is SO convinced the Carbon rip-off is good for us, why then not seal it with our electoral approval?

    Tony Windsor is a "hidden" asset, being the first cousin of the great Labor power-broker and machinations man, Bruce Hawker. Who, it can be sure, is pulling many of the puppet stings as a Party organiser.

    Not one of the Labor back bench has an ounce of courage or
    bravery in their bones to stand up to this outrage. (Never let principles get in the way of a great job).

    Next Sunday, we are about to be conned, taken for a ride, and, by the end of five weeks of her constant droning, we too will be so eye glazed we'll probably start to believe her rubbish too, out of sheer exhuastion. Which is exactly what she wants!

    Swan tells us coal mining will prosper. Brown's girlies have consulted their crytal balls and their astronomers and the gypsies tell us we'll have "no coal mines in ten years!". with a fairy dust sprinkle. So which is it Mr. Swan?

    we are i the hands of Marxists, shysters, and inept incompetents! And very sinister and insidious deliberate plots! Warning lights are flashing red! Danger, Australia!

    Next Sunday should be a day of mourning. Mourning for the freedom of speech, and our democratic rights, which are about to be killed off. Perhaps forever.
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