The Bible or Tradition

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    This man speaks with irrefutable power
    Know this!,In no way does he condemn individuals,as God has his people in all walks of life and beliefs,he simply points out facts with no mincing of words.Now examine yourselves and ask, are my eyes truly wise,or blinkered?

    The Bible or Tradition - 1 of 10 - The Eyes of Wisdom

    In this series, Pastor Stephen Bohr compares the Jewish view of tradition of Christ’s day with the Roman Catholic view of tradition today. The series reveals that the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus as their messiah because of their erroneous view of tradition. The Roman Catholic concept of tradition today mirrors the view that was being taught in Christ’s day. Will the Christian churches of the world repeat the same mistakes of the past and be totally unprepared for the Messiah’s second coming? A must see series for those who believe in Sola Scripture.

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