the attack dogs have been unleashed

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    June 19, 2011,Labor MPs have labelled former prime minister Kevin Rudd as "dysfunctional" and a "bully", reportedly saying they would rather "chew their arm off" than have him back as leader.

    Unnamed sources have attacked the foreign minister for giving interviews in the lead-up to the anniversary of his dumping, Fairfax and News Ltd newspapers say.

    "This is just extraordinary. He has been trash-talking the prime minister to anyone who will listen for months and months, and now we have on the front page of a national newspaper Kevin saying, `Who me? I have learnt my lesson, promise, your honour'," the unnamed source told Fairfax.

    "This is just the festival of Kevin's misery ... The guy is a bully."

    Senior ministers reportedly feel unable to respond to Mr Rudd's public comments, describing him as "dysfunctional".

    "He was dysfunctional as prime minister," an unnamed source told News Ltd.

    "But because we don't want to antagonise him we can't respond."

    The reports follow the latest Fairfax-Nielsen poll that had the coalition leading Labor by 59 to 41 per cent on a two-party preferred basis, worse than polling when Mr Rudd was overthrown as leader a year ago.

    The poll, published in Fairfax newspapers on Saturday, also had Opposition Leader Tony Abbott tying with Ms Gillard for the first time as preferred prime minister, with both on 46 per cent.

    Ms Gillard's approval rating has dropped by six percentage points to 37 per cent, her lowest level since becoming prime minister.

    The poll, taken ahead of Ms Gillard's first anniversary as prime minister, has 60 per cent of voters backing Mr Rudd as preferred Labor leader over 31 per cent for Ms Gillard.

    But despite the poll, one senior powerbroker reportedly told Fairfax that people would rather "chew their arm off" than have Mr Rudd back as leader.

    Another senior Labor figure was quoted as saying that it was time the "Rudd versus Julia hoopla" was put to rest.
    So there you have it. Not a single named source in this whole story. Is any of this true ? Who knows, some will believe it because it suits them to and others will shake their heads at this blatant low form of journalism.

    Dave R.
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