XEC 1.79% 1,699.1 s&p/asx emerging companies index

The ASX Casino - Weekly Shell List, page-66

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    @strauss .....tough one, RSL and emg look pretty similar position to me. Not sure if I like all the volume in either as that can take time to work off if either dosent follow through in the next few days.
    Both look like to be in a position similar to the exact middle of that recent NRR range, NRR is butting its head on the 200w average right here on yesterdays close so Once 5.4c is confirmed support it should go well. (newsflow obviously required) Volume in this one is much tighter since that Massive 47mil spike off the lows, whoever controls that parcel pretty much controls the price. so will be interesting to see at what level the next supply comes in to consolidate this blue sky break.
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