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    ODN- In suspension while it completes, or terminates, an acquisition.
    ODY- During the half year, the Company continued to assess a number of new business opportunities targeting oil and gas, resource and other sectors including technology, both domestically and overseas. No agreements have been reached or licences granted and the Directors are not able to assess the likelihood or timing of a successful acquisition or grant of any opportunities……Another Ian Middlemas shell
    OEG- Detailed discussions and due diligence regarding a preferred opportunity in the technology sector have significantly progressed, and the Board expects to be in a position in the near future to present this exciting Australian company to shareholders for Orpheus to acquire in an acquisition process.
    OMT- An overpriced RTO that then tried to acquire a new business which the ASX knocked back. They are now being made over by Forrest Capital and say they will continue with their apps.
    PEC- Continually looking for new projects and acquisitions.
    PEL- The Company continued to investigate new business development opportunities with a focus on low entry cost projects. The Company’s ability to acquire a new business development opportunity may be dependent on securing funds from the sale of SNPDC……A board of people who move share prices, hopefully they can offload the baggage and get things moving.
    PGS- We are looking forward to the drilling of Silver Star-1 well and more favourable oil and gas prices for our ORRI as we continue to assess new opportunities for the Company’s future.
    The Board is continuing to investigate new business opportunities for the Company….Two failed acquisitions so far and I’m sure David Hannon wants to find an exit soon so worth watching. Been some pretty good pumps on ones he’s held.
    PKO- Peako’s directors will consider petroleum opportunities, as well as minerals opportunities, considering both exploration and development opportunities.
    PTR- The Company is continuing to explore ways of containing costs whilst reviewing new projects that will be accretive to shareholder value……they are having a lot of trouble getting something into this great shell.
    QNL- The principal activity during the period was mineral exploration and project evaluation of
    opportunities located in Australia…..the smart money is set in the T20 here, should do well, it’s a who’s who of pumpers in there.
    RFN- Another tech failure, went gangbusters and crashed back to earth hard. The business is still performing but it would also make a great shell. Re-compliance issues may be a worry.
    RIE- Riedel continues to actively source and review new investment opportunities within the mineral resources sector…..Starting to get pricey imo, has to do something soon surely.
    SBR- Same story as GED, they say nothing and then one day, Whammo, great shell or vend appears.
    SHK- Anyone have any thoughts or information on this one?
    SNV- During the quarter(Jun16), the Company continued to appraise new project and investment opportunities, including working capital requirements. The Board will update shareholders and the ASX as soon as practicable…….Been suspended for nearly a year, maybe one day it will re-emerge.
    SP1- Disaster of an RTO most of us saw coming. Re-cap and re-vend seems the only option here imo. Roses are red…..Violets are blue….GTT Ventures have a tech vend….Run.
    Spectrum continues to review other mineral exploration opportunities that may be offered to the company.
    SRN- Surefire Resources NL advises that it is still finalising details on its capital raising and project acquisition announced to the market in a trading halt request on 13 March 2017.
    SUR- The Company actively seeks to identify new opportunities to assist in driving growth in the current oil market.
    SXX- Examination regarding possible participation in a number of new projects and maintaining and reviewing the Company's existing projects were the principal activities during the quarter…….Weird shell, just plods along and relentless buying by the Director last year. It has a very incestuous relationship with it’s sister DTR.
    SYS- Buying a Hydro power plant in Indonesia
    TKL- The Company remains active on its three exploration projects as well as accessing new project
    TTL- During the period the Company has also reviewed several business opportunities in the technology sector……..think GPP type potential. .
    TPD- Talon’s main asset, the MR Olmos project, is being actively marketed for sale…..I really like this one, if/when the sale goes through they will be a nicely cashed shell. Recent on market transfers for a major to increase his stake.
    UUL- Thoughts? Could be a shell but they seem happy being property developers in Perth.
    VIC- The Company intends that funds raised under the Placement will be allocated towards Company’s continued exploration and development of its Bolivian mining projects, review and exploration of new projects and general working capital…….Despite the names Ellingford and Hunt on this it is a great shell. They are giving little away about acquisitions but the rumour mill has holders expecting quite big things.
    XTV- Currently suspended and a potential re-cap coming, but it won’t be anytime soon. They completely fluffed this one up! Rocco, Charles and Patrick, what do you think their office resembles, a Three Stooges skit or Midget Strategy Meetings? BOOM!
    WAL- Assessment of potential gold and base metal projects in the goldfields of Western Australia is continuing.
    ZAM- The Company continued to identify and evaluate new business opportunities across a range of sectors during the period. This process is ongoing…….and ongoing and ongoing and ongoing!
    ZIP- Reserve the option to explore new opportunities whilst taking the steps to preserve the cash balance…….These guys must really be hating Newtons quote right now! @webbj thinks this could be surprise package to re-birth successfully.
    ZTA- In addition the Company continues to assess other oil and gas opportunities that may complement and enhance the current portfolio. With an experienced team the Company is confident of securing additional assets……Not one I hold but it is worthy of some research or the watchlist imo.
    ZYB- Given Mr Wall’s connections to the medical cannabis space, many of these opportunities are within this sector. Additional opportunities within the cyber security sector have also been presented to the Company. The Board intends to work closely with ASX to determine the conditions that are likely to be imposed on the Company should any new opportunities be acted on…… Leopards, spots and all that. Much like VIC it has a team of believers with good success rates following it. Pot, Tech, Legal fees…I’ve no idea what’s planned, that’s reserved for the insiders

    It’s a murky world in Shell Land folks. Do your research on everyone involved, follow the Top 20 holders of interest, call the company and ask questions and whatever you do make sure you do not confuse what your shell is telling you.

    Happy Easter/Passover/Choccy eating weekend to you all, and remember…What’s the first rule of Shell Club? You don’t talk about Shell Club!……..unless you know something I don’t, in which case DM me
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