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Nice work guys really. Ya, your fundmental research is...

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    Nice work guys really. Ya, your fundmental research is compelling as usual. Even though I say I have a 2010 target of 2 dollars a share, looking at a less conservative-based scenario that the company put forward, I'm happy to say four dollars a share PLUS would not be a stretch if several factors continue such as GIP increases ect., not to mention you could argue the value in their other projects which you could factor in.

    OrgoneAccumulator I also wanted to commend you on your charts as they seem to be the equal of ya's fundamental research. I don't normally follow technicals and charting but I've been watching your posts intently and find you to be very prescient with your bullish calls for when ever the SP crosses over a particular level on the RSI. Impressive to say the least, and importantly normally correct.

    Hotrock as for that article you just linked to I feel the most important line was this:

    "Coupled with the larger structural trap, this increased confidence in expected reservoir parameters will likely lead to an increase in pre-drill volumes from the previously advised estimate of approximately 9.5 Tcf gas-in-place within WA-360-P."

    That line has me in a hot-flush for the short term! MEO in the sixties seems almost a certainty in the very near term, and I now believe it is becoming a real possibility of it heading over a dollar a share either before or in September given the recent fundamentals and technicals building momentum.

    On top of all of this Australia just smashed the POMS in the test!

    With all this good news I think I need a cold shower to help me sleep tonight. ;-)
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