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the artemis story

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    Have put together a snapshot for various valuation scenarios for Artemis. My assumption is for 9.5 Tcf gas @ 0.625c & MEO's proposed 20% interest. The last 3 columns are for a different IGV multiple (frm the NXS-AED's deal) & a higher gas in place (I've used 11.5 Tcf as a sample for the sake of this discussion).

    Also attached are a couple of maps/sections/logs from MEO's presentations in the past, just to give an idea on the nearology etc. Note that they aren't drilling until 2010, so the initial excitement is all abt the farmout partner, IMO.


    Valuation table for Artemis


    Artemis location


    WPL's acreage to the East


    Artemis 3D-seismic after the complete dataset was rec'd early July


    Nearby well-logs

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