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the art of war.......

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    Hi all

    I thought the title would appeal to at least one loyal ESG holder with an interest in military history.

    Again, apologies if this has been raised before.

    Before a decent army (or any fighter) engages, 3 elements are important

    1. When to engage
    2. Where to engage
    3. Force the engagement to be undertaken on your terms

    STO have controlled all 3 elements here

    1. The time the meeting is held (or, expected to be held)

    2. Where the meeting is held - I recall recently that a medium copper miner had some issues with shareholders and held a meeting in a phone box about 400 kms from the Alice (I am exagerating here, of course)

    3. How the outcome will be determined, ie, tthe head count / proxy & 75% voting rule - they have had the choice of spears, axes, swords, etc. They have chosen this process for the reason that it gives them an advantage.

    Obviously, many advantages to them as they can align their forces to max advantage, not suggesting the books would be stacked at all - but knowing where, when & how gives an advantage.

    Finally, smart players dont engage when they dont think they will win, like the lawyer never asking a question they dont already know the answer too.

    Not being too negative here but if it does get to a meeting the advantage is with STO IMHO.

    I feel that it wont get that far and a great army from the south west will sweep in and sort it out.

    Finally, failing the alternative bids and STO getting rolled at the meeting. We are left with a situation with a giant resource and management that have signalled that it is too hard for them - perhaps at that point the Bundy would be looking to exit if mangt were not rolled.

    Long way to play before that will be fun.

    Finally, remember the real estate agent that promises $800,000 before the auction and says how great the property is and will sell itself. At auction when the only bid is $300,000 - dont you love when the same agent runs the proprty down and then says HEY, LET US SAY TO THEM THAT IT IS ON THE MARKET & WATCH THINGS GO - the property goes for $300,001 and the agent gets a fat commission on the day and the vendors gets you know what.....

    Sorry about the long post all. I am extremely positive here and sitting like the cat with the bird - just wanted to share some thoughts for discussion

    all the VERY BEST
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