**the art of dumping by goblin***

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    I have categorised "dumping" into three different classes.

    The classic huge dump that send the stock spiralling downwards.

    Then we have the smart dumping. Feeding a heap of quantity into the rising stock. This is a better as it disguises our "dumping" antics.

    Finally we have the overhanging dump which is a huge sell order placed a few cents above the marketplace which instils all fear in the marketplace. Not one I would recommend unless you are accumulating.

    So folks if you have a preference to make your mark on history and the share price I suggest the all out the dump.

    If we want to work together I suggest the smart dump and when accumulating the overhanging dump. I would appreciate if members adhered to these basic rules and please and advise of any "huge dump" or "overhanging dumps" forthcoming....lol

    Thanks in advance.
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