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the aoi conundrum

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    I have put up "The AOI Conundrum" thread as a suggestion for your next life saving mission.

    Ever since morphing from Perfect Stage, and joining the forum in September of last year, you have been most generous with your assistance to RRS shareholders. And I thank you for that. I suspect that there would be others who would like to thank you as well.

    But what really concerns me are the share holders in AOI. Shouldn't they also be informed about the terrible investment choices that they too have made?

    It would be a dereliction of duty if you weren't available for them in their moment of need. Isn't there something you can do for them? They appear blinded by the oil, but surely you could guide them so that they too can see the light?

    At the moment they appear to be marching like lemmings, and climbing aboard some sort of the viewing platform, for a peak at a drilling rig as it approaches Puntland. And they are paying good money for their tickets too if last night is any indication.

    Pongo, doesn't your humanitarian duty call you to offer them assistance in their folly. At least email the company and alert them to the dangers and disappointment that lies ahead.

    Pongo, you owe it to yourself to see this through to the bitter end. You have come too far to see all of your brilliant advice cast like pearls amongst swine. Please do something while there is still time, speaking of which, I am told that you really only have another coupla weeks left in which to weave your special kind of magic.


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