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    Can anyone answer me:

    1. Why we should trust a Government (and more particularly Conroy) to invest $50B++ on technology for the future of the internet?

    2. Why we should trust a Government (and more particularly Conroy) to invest $50B++ without any form of business case?

    3. Why anyone considers setting up a monopolistic co (the "NBN Co Limited to build and operate the network, with the objective of providing 90 per cent 'fibre to the premises' coverage") makes any sense at all; especially in the name of competition?

    4. Why such fuss over increased FIXED LINE speeds to so many Australians? (I and most of my friends have migrated to wireless and find the speed fine for my business/personal use ... agree some business/industry may need higher speeds; let them go to precincts with the highest speeds available at a fraction of the $50B++. Continue to let telecoms invest in new technology I say.)

    Genuinely confused by the above; can anyone provide answers?

    It would be laughable if it hadn't cost me so many $$$$$

    (on a s/h front I was hoping current run would hit $3.65 and I was ending the pain; still hopeful??)
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