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the alpha ,jfc challenge

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    Ok you guys ,the self confessed sleuths of HC rampers and misfits.

    Your recent comments about the uninteresting past of GCN may soon backfire on you. It is clear from your comments you have a lack of understanding of what Gotreck is all about and where it fits in the plans of All major TV/Telco/Media
    companies, despite the efforts of some cluey posters on this site and  the many
    international news articles referred to .

    No doubt you constant harbouring of past on matters that are now irrelevant has kept many on the side
    lines, you should go get yourself a PC phone and experience it, it works and works brilliantly.

    We are not even certain that you have any direct shareholding in either SSI or GCN,if you did then your comments are in conflict that you have any chance of getting your money back.

    Many MAJOR companies are competing for Gotreck,you may doubt this, but
    the proof in the pudding is only days to go.

    Rarely do HC members get on to a "ten bagger",that is GCN going to 50c.

    It is time you became a little less myopic and looked at the real world.

    The challenge to you is.

     At what price has GCN have to be before you are satisfied

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