The ALP and its Union Masters

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    All union officials and their expenses are equal, an attack on one is an attack on all

    Bill Ludwig is doing just fine thank you very much. No Federal Court proceedings here.

    "An attack on one is an attack on all", said Bill.
    Bill's trips, his expenses, his legal fees, all covered by AWU members. And no complaints about it.

    As Bill Shorten said about the best way to fix up union corruption, "We'll do it the union way, behind closed doors."
    That's worked for this guy too, allowed to avoid paying back $20M to the HSU - and his wife keeps his super. No Federal Court action here either.

    Apparently Bill Shorten's "behind closed doors" dictum works for all union leaders and their mates - Cesar Melhem, Tony Sheldon, Julia Gillard, Bruce Wilson - as long as they stay inside the tent.
    But heaven help you if you blow the whistle. Expenses that were approved can easily become unauthorised, minutes can be disappeared with one fell swoop. And a union has virtually limitless access to members money to keep you tied up in court. Until you go broke or mad.
    And these are the people who say their life's purpose is to stand up for the downtrodden.
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