"the age" paper does it again

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    It is fascinating to compare the ‘major news stories from Israel as they appear in Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post, as opposed to those that are shoehorned into the Age.

    The total absence of this story from Haaretz – the Israeli equivalent of the Guardian – indicates that leaked memos and statements like this are either so commonplace as not to be newsworthy, or the story is a fabrication.

    The interesting thing is why the Age is so gung-ho on absolving the Palestinians of any responsibility in the dissolution of the erroneously named Road Map to Peace. After all, it was Palestinian suicide terrorists who killed dozens in the centre of Jerusalem and in other areas. It was a Palestinian released under a ‘confidence building measure’ from prison who self-detonated in a restaurant.

    Why doesn’t the Age run the better story about the first UN resolution sponsored by Israel since 1978 that calls for the protection of Israeli children? It seems that it will be rejected, even though similar resolutions concerning Palestinian children were passed by every Arab sponsored member.

    I suspect that the Age’s even-handedness wouldn’t extend quite that far unless it involves criticism of Israel.

    (sent to me by a friend)

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