"the age" does it again

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    I note that on the "Age" homepage under the 'World' stories, your report on the Middle East is from 'Palestine'.

    The only Palestine I know is in the US state of Texas, so why is there a story about Yasser Arafat shuffling the deck chairs of his cronies originating from Palestine, Texas?

    It gets even more bizzare since the Ed O'Laughlin polemic has the byline 'Jerusalem'! While Ed is the Age's man in Israel who reports like he's anywhere but in Israel, I doubt that he is reporting from the US. (Not even the Age is that silly to let him do it!)

    So where is this 'Palestine' place?

    If you are implying that the area disputed by Egypt, Jordan and Israel is 'Palestine', then the Age has now superceded the authority of the United Nations and declared a new country.

    Well done!

    Maybe Michael Gawenda shoiuld change his title to Secretary General?
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