The ABC is not the critic it once was

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    Haters of the ABC are going to hate this.... Evidence that the ABC is now doing puff-pieces on their beloved leader.

    The recent crisis surrounding the mistreatment and abuse of women has cost Morrison personally.

    Judgements of his performance range from "a shambles" to "terrible".

    "It's Scotty from Marketing, he always seems to have some sort of cheesy slogan," one local said.

    Another said, "It's awful the things he says".

    "He doesn't seem to be a leader," was a line that came up more than once.

    "He possibly could have turned up," at the women's March for Justice, said Lyn Beardwood.

    "I thought that would have been a good thing to do given half his voters are women."

    It's worth remembering the views being expressed right now are at a particularly low point for the Prime Minister, after weeks of stumbles, apologies, attempted re-sets and a reshuffle.

    Liberal MPs are holding out hope the budget will turn things around.

    It's also worth remembering, however, budgets rarely do deliver any sort of bounce.

    The only good news for the Coalition is that these swinging voters aren't exactly flocking to Anthony Albanese.

    This may explain why Morrison retains such a strong lead as preferred prime minister despite his troubles.

    "I think whatever's happening in the Liberal Party is probably happening in the Labor Party as well," said one of those concerned about the sexual assault allegations.

    "I honestly don't pay enough attention to him," said another who doesn't think Albanese is Labor's best option.

    "He doesn't have much presence about him," is a frequent theme.

    "He doesn't sound and look like a leader," Andrew Brown said.

    Still, at least some see the Labor leader in a positive light, which is more than can be said for Morrison.

    "He comes across a bit more of a common type person," said one.

    "Down to earth" and "normal" were how others described him.

    "He's kind of still a bit of a nothing, but kind of more relatable."
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