Let's examine them shall we.The information for all this has...

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    Let's examine them shall we.

    The information for all this has already been posted on the forum numerous times.

    1. It's the Illegal Immigrants - Stupid.

    Yeah well, the number of illegal immigrant border interdictions has been on a downward trend since about 2000, and is now at about 25% of that peak level. (it was a Trumpist who provided the chart confirming that yesterday. Many thanks.)

    Also, a significant majority of the illegal immigrants arrive in the US legally, then overstay their visas.

    Not sure how a $25 billion wall is supposed to change that.

    2. It's the Drugs - Stupid.

    The fastest growing drug problem in the US is opioid addiction. That's primarily a result of legally obtained prescriptions as well as urban meth labs within the US.

    Meanwhile, the vast majority of illegal shipments of heroin, cocaine and others imported drugs arrive in shipping containers, hidden in trucks, by illegal flights and boats.

    Not sure how a $25 billion wall is supposed to change that.

    3. It's the Terrorists - Stupid.

    About that claim of 4,000 terrorists being stopped at the Southern Border...

    Well no Sarah, 4,000 people who were on the Terror Watch List were apprehended, but that was nearly all at airports, many of them outside the US.

    Only 6 were at the Mexican border. 

    Oh, and as for Mexico paying for the wall...

    Fat chance!


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