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Good try sport now lets see; uhmmm okay start at the beginning;...

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    Good try sport now lets see; uhmmm okay start at the beginning; when the world first started the oil cum ICE revolution we all had horses agreed Nolan wow then, one day you said gee I'd love to have one of rhose ICE contraptions GUNNA SAVE ME FEEDING AND GROMING old Duke and they look swell and I hear very comfy to ride in, seem to go for ever!!! Nup not gunna happen we dont make em here and anyway they cost too much and have to wait a long time on order so will stick with OLD DUKE. Okay, now Nolan drag yourself into 2019 to a heavily polluted resource ravaged world where climate change concerns have invoked someone like Telsa and the Chinese to find a solution that not only saves us from digging up OLD DUKE to get about and slowly choke ourselves but ACTUALLY FINDS A CLEVER NO EMMISSION WAY TO REDUCE POLLUTION BUT SAVES OUR NEED TO MAINTAIN OUR TRANSPORT / ECONOMY BUT SHOWS OUR CONCERN FOR THE PLANET AND OUR KIDS FUTURE WOW !!!!! here endeth the lesson Nolan. So PLS is on the right side of the try and save the planet ledger, so stick with your fume guzzlers and Brazilian flame attitudes and dont miss Church its nearly Mass time, I pray for your sort Nolan you have no conscience.
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