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    Still a great story with the chromite problem dave.Better still they're not stuffing around with small plants anymore,which must say something for the process.I was told by a technical trader a while back that 5c would be the bottom.Ahhh to have no real emotional connection to a stock as these guys appear to be able to do.

    Dave its really your choice as to which way you move with this one.Are all the eggs in one basket?If so it may be prudent to find something that your fairly sure will make back some of that lost capital and perhaps take a loss on half your apg.No,I'm not buying and have not purchased any APG for quite a while and dont hold either.I think the clincher for my selling back at the 9/10c mark was the downturn in the world economy and the way in which the price of Tio2 is inextricably linked to the health of the world economy.One other factor was the forecasts of the bigger producers which stated they didnt see an upturn in the pigment market till 2004/5.These guys wont be jumping at the likes of APG until the demand/price for Ti02 picks up.Whats the point when conventional deposits can currently fill the production required quite easily.Other factor was the stock im predominantly in was getting closer to achieving success.So most went back into it.

    One qualifier here is if the basin plant is constructed and successful pre upturn then you could see a turnaround beforehand,which may happen if APG wants to make the most of the upturn and prove the processes success irrevocably.Matter of watching and observing on this one.However one thing ive learnt in my few years in the market is if you have another good opportunity then use it.You can always get back in later on.

    By all means fall in love with the idea,but not the stock.Be prepared to sell if your guts doubting the belief in where the stock price is going.And try to read what the markets telling you too.There are many many other opportunities out there.But bear in mind the market we're in as well.Investors are currently predominantly going for blue chip and good mid tier.If you are after capital return on a spec stock go for those close to production/cash flow/discovery and undervalued if you can find them.There are still some around.

    The whole aim of your investing in this end of the market is to utilise the multiplying effect on you capital.From my experience relying on one company to do it for you wont work.

    Good luck and as you said dont let those emotions rule your decisions too much.At the same time there has to be a certain amount of faith in the stock.But it should not be of the blind type.Dont gamble your money away on pure spec stuff.Research first and make sure theres already some form of solid cash or assets that justify your hard earned going into the stock.

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