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    Nexus Energy: Barrels of Energy Estimate (no oil flowing yet, remember) 131 Million BOE

    YGL Barrels of Energy Estimate share of SC54 (no oil flowing): 225 Million BOE.

    Nexus Energy market cap (fully diluted): $582 million;
    YGL market cap (fully diluted): $120 million.

    NXS valuation: $4.44/prospective boe
    YGL valuation: $0.53/prospective boe

    Therefore, to achieve parity with Nexus, even before either party gets oil flowing, YGL will have to increase over eight times its current price.

    Once it gets oil flowing it will be valued at about $36 per boe proven and probable reserves.

    $2 prospects, easily.

    Now just before anybody gets too cynical about the boe estimate of YGL/NDO, you might note that despite NDO's estimated reserves consistently sliding over the last two years, its share price has steadily risen from each correction to new highs.

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