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    That Oil Is Ours
    Jack Engelhard
    30 April 2003

    We didn´t go there for the oil, but now that you mention it, why not? From his lofty position as president, George W. Bush explained that “Freedom is God’s gift to mankind.” In my position as citizen, I say, “Oil is God´s gift to mankind.” Those riches do not belong to the people of Iraq... not when they come at us with those “Yankee Go Home” Million Man Marches.

    If they won´t give us gratitude, let´s take it, in the form of oil. Those oil wells are ours by virtue of our blood.

    We went there to find weapons of mass destruction, but by coincidence, we freed up 24 million people. As payment they shake their fists at us. How nice. But we get that all the time.

    Nations beg us to come in and clean up their mess, we go in, and next thing you know, we´re accused of being invaders.

    Where´s the love? It sure hasn´t been forthcoming from the Arab nations all around Iraq. You´d think they´d be thrilled. We did nothing less than give freedom to their brother and sister Arabs. Instead, we had to beg, buy and bribe their support.

    In exchange for allowing us to spill our blood, they insisted that we serve up Israel -- Tony Blair serving as shill.

    This is nuts. We do them a favor and they act as though they´re doing us a favor. Give us Israel, they said, and we´ll let you save our fellow Arabs in Iraq.

    I´m confused.

    I´m reading an article here by a liberal columnist who mocks us for not finding all those poisoned chemicals. He says we failed.

    Well, isn´t liberalism all about human rights?

    So where´s Jimmy Carter, whose entire administration was founded on human rights? Where´s Ramsey Clark? Where are all these liberals who should be patting us on the back for a human rights job well done?

    Over lunch the other day a friend told me that it was all about oil. That´s when it hit me. Yes, why not? If it wasn’t about oil to begin with, now, yes!

    Call it reparations for the American Christian and Jewish soldiers we sent out to die so that Arabs may live.

    Or call it payback for the lack of appreciation from Iraqis, and lack of thanksgiving from the Liberal Left, which, suddenly, because it´s from the wrong president, sees nothing terrific about our coming to the rescue of an enslaved people.

    Think about this: President Bush did for the (Iraqi) Arabs what Moses did for the Hebrews. He delivered them from bondage to freedom. Is this a small thing?

    As for me, I am getting irritable about all this ingratitude from both Arabs and from the Left, and I´m getting tired of all this blame being heaped on Israel.

    Really, can´t the Arabs find fault in anything else?

    Themselves, maybe?

    Here´s the King of Jordan on TV telling Dan Rather that the number one problem facing the Arab world today is... Israel. Spread out a map and you need a large hand to cover the landmass of Arabia. Use your pinky finger to find and touch Israel.

    Queen Noor is also now making the TV rounds. She wrote a book, and in every interview she reminds us to remember Arab suffering and, of course, Israel. All the Arab suffering is Israel´s fault. Mind-boggling!

    Two hundred million Arabs, five million Israelis.

    By the way, these angry people who´ve taken to the streets of Baghdad -- where the heck were they before we came along? My, what courage they display now that a thousand of our tanks preserve them! Those clerics, where were they all this time? They weren´t permitted to preach (certainly nothing that would offend Saddam), and now, now that we´ve removed the terror, what do they preach? Hatred of America.

    No, this oil is ours. France, Germany, Russia, they get zilch.

    Start all those wells pumping and ship it all over here, so that next time I visit my gas station I pay thirty-five cents a gallon.
    Jack Engelhard is the author of the international bestseller Indecent Proposal (ComteQ Publishing) and is completing his latest novel, The Uriah Deadline, a fictional thriller involving Mid-East news manipulation. His columns can be read online at and he can be reached at [email protected]
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