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    Latham to give Kirribilli House 'back to the people'

    The federal Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, says if Labor wins the election Kirribilli House will be turned over to Australia's major charities to use for fundraising.

    Mark Latham made the announcement at a family barbecue in the marginal Liberal seat of Parramatta in Sydney.

    Mr Latham addressed a crowd of Labor supporters in Parramatta telling them he has noticed a change in the attitudes of voters since his official campaign launch three days ago.

    "I've been getting around the country, people have been so warm and friendly," he said.

    "Something's going on in the last couple of days, I hear it as I walk past people, they say 'wow, there goes Janine Lacy's husband'."

    Mr Latham told his supporters if he becomes prime minister his family will live in The Lodge in Canberra.

    "Today I can announce that Kirribilli House, Kirribilli House on the harbour side in Sydney, is going back to the Australian people."

    Mr Latham says he wants Kirribilli House open to the public and available to charity groups to conduct fundraising.

    Prime Minister John Howard has played down the Labor commitments, telling journalists charities already have access to Kirribilli House.

    "From time to time Kirribilli House has open days already, as does The Lodge," he said.

    "The pattern of usage over the years has been that often the prime minister has spent time there and also spent time at The Lodge.

    "It has open days, which are often for charities."

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