HDR hardman resources limited

that is ridiculous

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    I joined in today at 39.5 cents. What a ridiculous price.

    Oil is at a short term price of $35+ a barrel, and a medium to long term price of $25 a barrel does not seem unreasonable for now.

    HDR has 10 cents a share in cash, and the ability to increase this if they sold shares they currently have in other oilers.

    The value of their Mauritainia is only 30 cents a share. One concern is obviously will they have enough money to keep up the ante with this, but I get the feeling Woodside will keep them 'wedged up' as a means to keep control of this part of the licence.

    Any long term holders of HDR out there, you have my sympathy, this share must be driving you insane. This share has been blatantly manipulated. Don't miss out at this price, I am calling the bottom at 40 cents (famous last words), but let's face it, with $40M cash in the bank, well like they ain't going out of business.
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