That Happen to?

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    Well I did like the ASX General on Ye Old HotCopper.
    Now it just the tipping comp.
    So we are all that good, we don't need to help each other?
    What happen to the advice for the few that may have needed it, or not??
    No Sandy Beaches that people liked but wouldn't say so or act like it. (BTW Hi Sandy been awhile)
    No others pointing out that PD's are wrong.( Or how to pick or show the right ones)
    No what"s the best stock under 10 cents or less
    Old HC this thread and many topic's on it or the like, (name 1), a few saying that you could make a good living trading under 10 to 50 K $$$
    Now its a nothing at best.
    Bring back the Topic's
    At leased I can say I tried.
    No reason the new HC can not have some of the old sorta topics ( like Sandy did they give it a miss)
    Or is it a case that the site doesn't let you pick threads you like,(And block a few) they all come up as one without the choice. (God loves you, case in point as long as you can vote for him)
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