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    This is how Sharon evades the peace plan - cowards in the air.

    Abdel Aziz Rantisi, the second most senior figure in Hamas, escaped an apparent assassination attempt today in Gaza City.
    The Reuters news agency said he was wounded in the missile attack but, according to doctors, was in a "good condition".

    However, a female passerby was killed in the attack, doctors said.

    Israeli helicopter gunships fired at least seven rockets towards Gaza City and, in one instance, hit a car. Huge plumes of black smoke rose into the sky, and ambulances raced to the scene.

    Mr Rantisi, the most senior Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, and the first of the group's political officials to be targeted by Israel, is one of the best-known public faces of the Islamist militant movement.

    Nabil Abu Rdeinah, a senior aide to Yasser Arafat, accused Israel of trying to torpedo a US-backed road map to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal by launching the strike, Reuters reported.

    Previous assassinations of Hamas leaders, and attempts to assassinate them, which Israel calls targeted killings, have frequently been followed by suicide attacks on Israeli citizens.

    The killing of Salah Shehadeh, the head of Hamas's military wing, in a rocket attack last July that claimed 14 other lives, including those of nine children, led to a suicide attack on a falafel stand in Jerusalem eight days later that injured two bystanders.

    The website of Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper reported that Hamas spokesmen considered the apparent attempt on Mr Rantisi's life to be an Israeli "declaration of war".

    The missile attack comes as Hamas was considering resuming talks with the Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, on ending attacks on Israelis amid intensifying Egyptian pressure on Palestinian militants not to derail the US-backed peace road map.

    The Associated Press reported that the Egyptian intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, who presided over truce talks with Palestinian militants earlier this year, was to meet Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip later today.

    Mr Rantisi is a known hardliner who has previously stated that he would not consider a ceasefire without Israel first withdrawing from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    "We are resisting an occupation that still exists. The day we get rid of the occupation we can talk about arms," he said in April.

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