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thanks to all

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    Well I just thought I would drop a note to say, a massive thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum and who supported the changes that were due at MRV.

    Make no mistake there is a lot of work to do, however the plan ahead should be simple, overt and inclusive of all shareholders. Most of the immediate work has been mentioned by some of the posters in this forum and I will respect the process and once the board gets together, will communicate through the appropriate channels of the ASX. However I am also happy to keep posting to make sure clarity of what we are up to is out there and keep reading to ensure I have an understanding of what the shareholders want from us.

    Lots to happen in a very short space of time, however I think 2014 is going to be far more promising than what 2013 promised, but failed to deliver.

    Regards and seriously, thanks..

    (By the way, my position on sentiment will always be None on here from now on, I think it would be a bit inappropriate to state anything else. However we all have shares and can see a bright future)
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