SKG skynetglobal limited

thanks rogue

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    Good to see you have SKG on your news alerts !

    I tried to do some numbers today, but it's impossible to produce figures until we know all of the details.The only sure figure is they are paying 7X earnings, far less than the industry standard of 10X.

    I would suggest that the offer will have to protect Simon Lohs interests.........meaning what ever the offer is the price won't go lower........that's pretty much iron I'll be topping up when the offer comes in.

    I'm hoping that they will look after the Tall Texan (one of their more vocal supporters) and fellow shareholders.

    My advice to any new investors would be "get on board early", e-pay is a machine that prints it's own money........with the backing of the stock market they can grow very quickly into asia and only have to look at the growth of euronet since 2003 to understand the power of this business model.

    I'm wondering what they will call the new company ? Maybe "E-Tex-Global".............;-)
    Get on board Rogue.......and don't trade em, we're talking serious retirement money !
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