PWR 1.11% $3.65 peter warren automotive holdings limited

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    So know you tell me?
    Learning to read a report effectively or analysing a chart expertly won't bring in one cent. There are other more pertinent factors you should be aware of. Any book that deals with the psychology of trading or investing and managing your own money are worth every cent.

    Break-Down goes like this;

    10% technical analysis

    As an entry point, PWR TA alerts in oversold (money flow, RSI, etc ) is still to form a substantial base.

    5% fundumental analysis

    Ask Bonkers , its hard to get the truth on entities at a price sensitive time. lol.
    The recent fundies divestments, due the contortions from PWR in point. The company states 70-80Mill loss ??

    20% psychology

    Rates more highly with me , in a losing trade with PWR high emotion,manipulation,caps and ramps.
    a Day trade. I was probably in to much shock today seeing such a rapid bounce to realize that revenge or greed had made me lose a potential 15% profit on the day. Thats a few K CASH to someone else !! keeping calm 2 3............

    50% money management

    ref ( 2% Risk :Darryl Guppy)"Trading the PLAN"
    Had I rated this I would certainly not be in PWR's Fatal attraction.

    15% luck

    Its a bit of a toss up what the following has to do with luck, youve read this far so


    The police of Hong Kong acknowledged that its officers had to pay for sexual services sometimes, in order to find out the location of the illegal massage salon in one of the brothels of the city. And law-enforcement officers exercised their extreme zeal during their duties.

    Two police officers were visiting a sexual massage salon in Shen Van 12 times over the period of two months. They paid five dollars for every sexual favor. As the officers said, those sexual favors included erotic massage itself, and masturbation. A representative of the law-enforcement bodies of Hong Kong did not explain, why the officers had to make so many visits to the masters of erotic massage.

    As a result of the brilliant, but long operation of the Hong Kong police, both of the female owners of Kalee Beauty Centre brothel were found guilty of pimping, and sentenced to imprisonment. Prostitution is not a crime in Hong Kong, but it is legally banned to have a brothel there.



    Three guys end up entering Heaven at the same time.
    "We have only one rule," says St. Peter.
    "Don't step on the ducks."
    They enter Heaven.
    Ducks are everywhere.
    The first guy accidentally steps on one.
    Along comes St. Peter
    with the ugliest woman in the afterlife.
    St. Peter chains them together, saying
    "For stepping on a duck,
    you will spend eternity chained to this lady."
    The next day,
    the second guy couldn't help but step on a duck.
    St. Peter appears with a woman uglier than the first.
    He chains them together
    with the same admonishment.
    Not wanting such a situation,
    the third fellow is careful never to step on a duck.

    One day St. Peter comes to him
    with the most beautiful woman in Heaven,
    chains them together without a word.
    "What did I do," he joyfully shouts,
    "to deserve being chained to you for eternity?"
    "I don't know about you," she says.
    "I stepped on a duck."

    " get your hands dirty, work hard and lose a couple of bob."k
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