GMX 0.00% 22.5¢ goldminex resources limited

thanks for having us but we really have to go!

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    Sold out of this when it dropped below the issue price and it was a good move judging by subsequent fall from that level. From looking at the buy/sell depth it looks to me all the GMX party goers are trying to leave in a rush. They have been doing so for a few weeks now but there was a gatekeeper guarding the exit and keeping the price from dropping. However the gatekeeper has gone on holidays or simply given up trying to hold back the throng of unhappy party goers. GMX still have lots of wonderful prospects and enough cash for another year before last drinks are called but I don't believe the share price will hold up anywhere the present levels. That is unless the bouncer returns to keep the price from dropping to far. As I said, they still have prospects and I will be looking to buy back in prior to the next drilling season in several months time and at much lower prices.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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