MPI 12.5% 3.5¢ mark sensing limited

thanks alphacenturian

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    thanks for the flatlinning answer..and yes i have been flatlinning for over 2 months now with the market..hc"s problems with the search function [untill now ] has not helped me get back to the marketmind set....its back to the real job after 3.5 years of day tradeing...its nice to recieve a real income that i get to keep..i like that..i think i was used to loosing on the resumeing my studdies on charts and soon a more active stance with the market,,the market is a addiction...unlike most addictions with this one larry williams from the usa once said [if u stay in this game long enough YOU will win ] being away from the market IS flatlinning ! regards lkjh
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Currently unlisted public company.

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