thank you belmore, you're the best

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    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    you stinking farkin mental case, hows this post:

    "use the front "psychologist" (my wife is one and she can't work out how he managed to escape the moral boundaries of a whole society! She says he suffers from "clinical endoscopic psychosis" or words to that effect) and are a dreadful danger to those around them.
    Though gay themselves, they pretend as if gays are an anathema and a good source for ridicule..."

    thank you for filling my day with laughter - at you belmore/atomu - as you're entire internet life is hilarious


    she says? (you heard a voice in your head)

    "clinical endoscopic psychosis"??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    did you just make that up on the fly to impress people????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    hmmmmm whats this?

    "i like the colour brown, music that makes me want to dance, non-conformity, yosuke kubozuka, politically and socially aware people and creativity.

    i hate george bush (and other right-wing losers such as our esteemed pm), brittney spears (eek!), racism and sexism, apathy, natto, and that bloody annoying boss ad with ayumi hamasaki (apologies for the japan-specific reference). actually i hate her too (think kylie but with less talent - if that`s possible)."

    thats beautiful 'belmore' ha ha whats 'natto'?

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