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TGS Retail Investors

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    As mentioned earlier, i've started collecting details of HC, TGS holdings. Those who wish to participate feel free to update your holdings and i will publish an updated list every Sunday.

    The idea is that we create a mini syndicate, as a collective we can put a bit more retail pressure on management to update the market on specific details. The cobalt study is an example where retail activism lead to a successful cobalt study. It seems management are happy to listen so as a collective we can discuss questions which we can raise periodically when new announcements are made.

    The current holding list is as follows:

    Column 1 Column 2
    0 Nikec 800,000
    1 GoldKing93 500,000
    2 CrayHunter 936,369
    3 Golfer 87 2,500,000
    4 Adrian3343 2,025,000
    5 howcho 953,334
    6 Charlie10 900,000
    7 aidoaido 900,000
    8 Total: 9,514,703

    I will be setting up an email for our little project very soon.
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