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    I would have thought if you followed ny earlier post ,you would have noticed that an anomoly occurred with the TGL ADR in USA -- for a period of about 3 days the yamkees forgod that there wawas a consolidation. it would appear that a few were caught short and that is the reason for the flurry. In all some 2.5 mill shares wenr around. Who won or who lost is unknown,

    The net result is that about 300-400,000 of shares on the aAustralian register may now have transferred. to The ADR register that now has ony 15,000 shares liste at 100 to I our local.

    You went on to say "Well TGL has dropped straight back to the same level before its run up to 34c.
    Any comments as to why the run up??--see above

    Why the interest on the nasdaq??
    -There is not mant Aussie stocks that have a full reporting status on the NASDAQ---its not pinks that others often refer to.

    Why the interest here??----The TGL share do seem to moce in cconjunction with IGCA whick they will own a reasonable % onec GET is incorporated to IGCA---estimated to be worth %10 Mil to TGL (Vertes at the TGL-EGM)

    Why the fall from grace straight back to where it came??----thats the nature of the business as a short position works itself out-----it does put you on notice that when thing are set to move they will lift very quickly

    It still has strong resistance at 35c and until it breaks through this i believe its not going any further.

    Yes --the charts ddo suggest that 35c is a bit of a hoodo ,but less so for the recent experience

    Your comments would be of interest Alecfra----I have plenty of confidence in Vertes to produce,a little long in gestation but this time its should be solid. It was very wrong for the market to regard this stock as a that may take a little time..

    P.s. I will continue to asorb in the 20,s but i will be surprisec if I get many..remember ther is only 15 mill on issue,, show me another like this

    regards, vendor
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Currently unlisted public company.

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