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Text book example of loaded buyer market depth

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    Sorry to keep harping on about it (actually no I'm not - this company has made and will make me and others on this forum quite a lot of honest dollars) but you really should do yourself a favour and check out the buyer depth on GTP Great Southern Plantations ahead of the end of the current DRP calculation period which ends in a few days time.

    Maybe as few as one major seller has been working to cap this stock exclusively during the calculation period for quite understandable reasons (ie manipulating down the average cost of shares being issued under the drp scheme.

    But look at the buyer side versus the sell side when the handbreak gets let off...

    I would seriously doubt that there are many or perhaps any better potential short term winners within the ASX200 stocks today.

    As usual this is only my opinion but I'm happy to stand by it this time next week!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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