texas5qld is a too bob loser!! put him on ignore n

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    Anone that listens to him has absolutely no idea. He lost so miserably on bet and reflects no traading skills whatsover.

    This poster represents one of those that constantly gets it wrong and lambasts others for his deficienies. He spends most of his time on HC which also indicates he has no social life. He runs a contruction "he claims" yet he thinks $60,000 is a lot of money???

    How do these peasants live with themselves???

    Just wait until my scanner is working and I will send all the buy contracts on MAP for this tosser. He could call Nick at SSB but I doubt it as this would reconfirm what sort of a stroker he really is.

    Has not provided one good call yet so you figure it out people. He is a waste of space and encourahge all to put this imbecile on ignore!!!

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