texa5qld is a sore sore loser!!!!!..lol

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    How tex baby how about ringing SSB and asking for Nic and ask about Goblin. He can confirm all purchases and confirm any doubts, you loser,in regards to any of my comments.

    In regards to your construction company. Word has it you work for Mattel and the only buildings you are constructing are with Lego, during your lunch break...lol

    As for your mate who's a courier you are a real legend and represent everything this forum dislikes.

    If you think I have been talking bout a lot of money mate you must really be a very very very small timer. Any suggestions on the market or just vitrioic crap from uniformed peasants as yourself. No wonder you are still working and ina "mug" industry at that!!

    Beware of these fraudsters including ghost1. Their life is obviously HC and they ared now pretending to be gatekeepers. Crikey and they are abusing a fictious character for god sake. They have no idea!! Its amzing the anger and frustrations that are pented folks when others are doing so well.

    Had a great drive in a 911 Boxster yesterday. Its amazing what happens when dreams become reality isn't it. You guys have absolutely no idea.

    King Goblin
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