testing $12.55 ... and beyond

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    Hmmm... tested and firmed thru $12.55 today.

    Those LONG are holding nicely green ... tight stops.

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    Posted by rembrandt
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    Hi Rondog, IMHO ... an uncertain day tomorrow despite the positive ann which was expected.

    Those LONG (since 030103) NCP have covered their costs and as chart shows, NCP has failed several times at $12.55 ... and already stalled at this level this week and enough to suggest minor resistance at this level.

    Tomorrow, providing NWS firms overnight, NCP will retest this level.

    If NCP firms thru this level, I have tests at $12.98 and $13.10 at Fib(61.8%) as the next targets ...

    If NCP fails now, a retracement to $12.28 at Fib(50%) likely ...

    Finger on the trigger ... tight stops.

    Cheers ...

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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