Terrorist's orphans what do we owe them?

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    I hope this is not too painful a topic but discussion is required.

    When Mr Sharrouf and his wife decided to leave Australia it was well advertised that Australia did not permit its citizens to join a hostile armed force. The consequence being that they lost their citizenship when they did so.

    it seems to me that the grandmother is potentially able to sponsor, at here own expense the children to live in Australia for their education years, but at age 18 or 21 they are on their own. Given they were born here they may have a claim if they apply for ciitzenship.

    In order to be fair to the millions of other people drawing support payments of one sort or another, not to mention the millions who are heavily taxed to pay for our welfare system, there needs to be a line drawn here.

    The plight of the great- grandchildren is less clear. They were born in a foreign country,ISIS-stan if you will, albeit it no longer exists. If their parents, the Sharrouf children are citizens by then, they may be able to apply to sponsor the Sharrouf grandchildren to come here and be educated.

    Mrs Nettleton is also quite entitled to go and live in another country, Turkey or Iraq say, and pay for their living and education their.

    This all seem harsh to many, but we need to draw a line I think.
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