terrorists???? nah....capitalists!!!!!!

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    Bali bomb terrorist betrayed by his own side
    By Alex Spillius in Ayutthaya
    (Filed: 17/08/2003)

    Hambali, the Islamic militant whose arrest has been hailed as a breakthrough in the war on terrorism, was betrayed after members of his Jemaah Islamiah network fell out over money, according to a senior official in Thailand's defence ministry.

    In a rare dispute within the tightly knit terrorist network, members of a JI cell in Singapore were angry that comrades in Thailand had frittered away a sizeable sum of money they had sent them to fund a suicide bombing team for operations in the kingdom.

    Hambali is now in US custody

    When the Singaporeans were later arrested, they opened up to investigators, according to the defence official. Their evidence led to the arrest in Thailand of a Malaysian national, Zubair bin Mohammed, who in turn knew the whereabouts of Hambali - Osama bin Laden's chief ally in south-east Asia.

    "The Singaporeans were told by the Thai group that no suicide bombers could be found," said the Thai defence official, who has been closely involved in the counter-terrorism investigations. "They said the money had been spent on mosques and 'personal investments'."
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