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    I was reading this report of the terrorist Oz deported the other day and the last sentence surprised me!!

    I'd be interested to hear now the views of the anti-US lobby that make so much of the way the US handle its terrror suspects.

    Seems like alot of other countries do EXACTLY the same -

    So....... I wannna hear ya, in perfect harmony

    ....loud and clear...

    ...having a real strong and remember - LOUD - go at the French - your heroes!!!

    One day, you'll wake up and realise that - warts and all - the US is doing its best and when measured with the same yardstick you measure so many others

    - doing not too bad at all!!!

    Double life of Sydney terrorist
    By Rhett Watson and Ben English in Paris
    November 9, 2003

    THE steel-framed glasses, goatee and dreadlocks could belong to any university student or part-time waiter.

    But this world-exclusive photo - taken a few days before French national Willie Brigitte was deported from Australia on October 17 - shows the dead-eyed stare of a suspected terrorist, his identity confirmed by Australian Federal Police.

    As The Sunday Telegraph reveals the first picture of the man French authorities believe to be the architect of a terror network in Australia, his family yesterday spoke for the first time.

    Brigitte's maternal aunt said his family was unaware he had been sent to prison, or that he had remarried in Sydney.

    The first interview with a member of the former French soldier's family underlined how much he had distanced himself from his former life.

    Juliette Marinette, the Paris-based sister of Brigitte's mother, Victoria, said she did not know he was being held in a prison 30km from her home.

    "He is married? No!" she said from her apartment at Epinay, in northern Paris.

    "Of course I love him- he is my family. But I have not heard from him for a long time.

    "I have nothing to do with his new life. He has changed a great deal, and I have no idea about his life now."

    Brigitte - who is suspected of terrorist activities and training with al-Qaeda - was deported to France on October 17 after being arrested by ASIO officers.

    ASIO also questioned his wife - Sydney student Melanie Brown, a former member of the Army Signals Corps - whom he had married on September 13 after meeting her just five times.

    Ms Brown converted to Islam a year ago.

    She was trained in Arabic by the defence forces, and a tour in East Timor as an Australian peacekeeper sparked her interest in the Indonesian language, Bahasa.

    She left the defence forces to take a linguistics degree at the University of Western Sydney's Bankstown campus, where she studied Bahasa.

    Ms Brown was in the middle of an exam when authorities deported her husband.

    "Melanie knows nothing of his past," a friend revealed.

    "He had put whatever was in his past behind him, and wanted to get on with his life with Melanie. Unfortunately, his past caught up with him."

    Ms Marinette, who lives in a smart apartment block in an area that contains some of Paris's most decrepit tenements, said she had not heard directly from her nephew since he left Paris last May.

    When he was arrested, Brigitte asked Australian officials to tell his parents in his birthplace, the French Caribbean colony of Guadaloupe, that he had been taken into custody.

    Ms Marinette said she was unaware he had been held in Paris' Fleury-Merogis prison since October 17.

    Under French law, terror suspects can be kept in prison indefinitely while their cases are being investigated.
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