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Terrorist attack on Israeli Kibbutz kills 5 injure

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    Even the Israeli LEFT is not immune . A kibbutz is the ultimate dream of the naive left . It is also a very calm industrious farming community . Most Kibbutzs in Israel are strongly related to the left wing . They have been for decades a bridge of close relationship with neighbouring Arabs . Kibbutx Metzer is in Israel pre 67 Green Line . It did not help those poor guys . Terrorist infiltrated the Kibbutz at 11:30 Sunday night and began indescrementally firing at any moving Israelis that were around .They murdered 5 , including 2 children and 2 women , and injured a dozen more .
    As I have already posted before , the hatered of the Arab world towards Israel has nothing to do with the what so erronously dubbed as occupation of the Western bank . NOT AT ALL . The ultimate target is the ELIMINATION n ANNIHILATION of the Jewish state of Israel . The LEFT Australian movement , either is completely naive to believe in its own propoganda or/and Deliberately MOTIVATED by feelings that I am able to explain . Either way the ASSISTANCE that this movement conveys to the anti Israeli campaign is IMMORAL and SHAMEFUL .
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