terrorisim... the real objective!!!

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    You must ask yourself, What do the terrorists ultimately want?

    Firstly they want to be free of all western influences an of course Israel. So how do they go about this? Without the use of nuclear or biotech weopons of mass distruction there aren't too many options open to them.

    America has a population of 230million people and controls 52% of the worlds economy so from a terrorists point of view you can't kill them all.

    What is it that makes America powerfull...Money that's what...

    So what does money afford you? Military might and power so great that it cannot be attacked head on.

    Saddam Insane knows this.

    The balance of power is clearly in American hands.
    He has the money, he has the power.

    But what if you could take away Americas money? What if you could destabilize his economy so badly he starts to run out of money and power.

    Uniteing moslems world wide in jihad won't work simply because a large percentage of moslems living in western society enjoy the life style an freedom that is afforded to them. Privately many of them simpathize with the terrorists cause but that is probably as far as it goes(maybe?) "No amount of argument will ever really prove or disprove this so please don't start argueing about it in this thread.

    One way to strike at the heart of capitalism is to destroy that which is the very symbol of capitalism, "The World Trade Centre"

    The physcolgical effect this has had is one of fear an doubt.

    Most of us know about Americas fiat money policy.
    Foreign investors want the greenback simply because they believe that that's where they'll get the most bang for their buck.

    So therein lies the solution to the terrorist.
    Destabilize the economy with a few significant terrorist acts, put the fear of "Allah" into the western people. Put doubt into foreign investors minds, make them think that it might not be such a good idea to invest in the US. The American people start to hear bad news about the ecomomy. They start to have fear and doudt and decide to be more careful with their spending, the economy starts to shrink and a real possibility of "deflation" starts to manifest.

    In a deflationary enviroment growth turns negative, unemployment rises, the dollar declines, interest rates come down reducing growth, people start saving money instead of spending and the economy shrivels.

    One thing for sure Gold and Silver is real money especially in times of economic turmoil so if your a terrorist and you know the agenda it's almost like insider information. Reduce the enemies money flow all the while increasing yours through aquisition of gold and silver thus increasing your power and reducing your enemies.

    I'm not sure if this is what were seeing just yet but I beleive it is The real objective of the terrorists.
    Reduce the money flow, reduce the power!
    In essence change the balance of power and make the enemy easier to destroy.

    Cheers Ralph
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