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    Anyone else been following Tennyson? New business plan, expecting more new contracts, could it be a mover again soon?


    Tennyson Networks Ltd (ASX: TNY) today announced PowerSOX has been
    selected as the customer contact solution for Dun & Bradstreet
    Australasia's (DBA's) expanding receivables management business and a
    full service consumer credit bureau.

    DBA's CEO, Ms Christine Christian, said: "The increased emphasis on
    cashflow by the business community and the desire to partner with
    Australia's leading brand has led to significant growth in DBA's
    receivables management and receivables outsourcing services.

    "As announced last month, DBA is also launching a broad-based full
    service consumer credit bureau in July 2002. An advanced, flexible
    call centre operation is an important component in the continued
    growth of our receivables businesses and the establishment of the
    bureau. We are very pleased with the functionality and support
    PowerSOX can provide for our business."

    DBA's call centre operation is a joint venture with Datacom, a
    leading Australia/New Zealand-owned IT outsourcing organisation.

    "The selection of the PowerSOX solution was critical to meeting the
    needs of our customers," Ms Christian said.

    Mr Leigh Coleman, CEO of Tennyson Networks, sees winning the contract
    as a major milestone for Tennyson.

    "We are pleased to have secured a company of the calibre of Dun &
    Bradstreet as a PowerSOX customer. Over the last two months, we have
    successfully completed the pilot system trial to DBA's stringent
    business requirements and continue to provide a live call centre site
    at our Notting Hill office.

    "The initial site in Melbourne will be for 120 agents, followed by
    installations in Sydney for 20 agents and then in Wellington,
    New Zealand, for 50 agents. We also expect the Melbourne and Sydney
    sites to expand to 200 and 50 agents, respectively, by the end of
    2002," Mr Coleman said.

    Mr Coleman said Tennyson anticipates that further sales of PowerSOX
    systems in the second half of 2002 should have a significant impact
    on revenues.

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