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ten days without standrew

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    Ive pretty much kept to myself these last 10 days to see what happens when the dust has settled...
    Let me say this though, Id much rather have had Standrew posting all his factual information than nothing at all. I have become pretty despondant over this last week and a bit, the reading here has become a lot less informative and frankly boring.
    Im going to take a break from posting on MKY now as i dont feel any further benefit from being here.. Congratulations Hutchley you may have exposed a dual poster but you have cost all of us here the benefit of having one of, if not the best poster on the MKY thread. In these times people need to look at the bigger picture.

    StAndrew, If you are reading this, I for one miss the hard work and intellegent posting that you didnt have to share but did. Im pretty sure im not the only one.

    Best of luck to everyone else, I hope someone else comes along to fill the big shoes left behind....
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