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    HalcyGen has been founded to bridge the gap between mainline pharmaceutical companies and high volume generics companies through the development and licensing of new improved proprietary generic formulations known as "Super Generics" or "High Functionality Generics".

    The generics industry is undergoing significant growth with approximately USD100 billion worth of brand-name drugs to go off patent by 2010, of which USD21 billion go in 2006 alone. This provides unprecedented opportunities for both mainline pharmaceutical companies and generic manufacturers to expand their profile through formulation-improved products.

    HalcyGen's strategy is to capitalise on the value associated with the development and commercialisation of novel, improved variants of existing proprietary pharmaceuticals known as Super Generics.

    Commodity generics have low barriers of entry and low margins of profits due to competitive pricing, while specialty and Super Generic drugs are reformulations of off-patent drugs and often enjoy patent protected positions and have higher margins.

    The basis of the HalcyGen's strategy is a strategic licensing partnership with global pharmaceutical company Mayne Pharma. The Company will initially develop and market two products in partnership with Mayne Pharma in andti-infectives. Subject to performance and meeting certain other criteria, the Company has the opportunity to develop further products with Mayne Pharma.

    In addition to its partnership with Mayne Pharma, the Company has also received interest from both US and Asian corporations to undertake development and registration work in Australia on reformulated pharmaceuticals.

    HalcyGen's objectives are to:
    Develop "value added formulations" for generic compounds that are off-patent but which have a newly established intellectual property position through improved delivery and formulation.
    Market these value added formulations as a low risk option (compared to biotechnology) to pharmaceutical companies looking for new marketing opportunities in niche markets.
    Develop identified specialty products that have demonstrated significant marketable advantages over existing products.
    Out license of the developed products, worldwide.
    Source additional drugs and technologies from third parties for the development and licensing of Super Generics.
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